New combined solution to harness wave energy full renewable potential for sustainable electricity and fresh water production.

Unleashing the Power of the Ocean

The joint vision of the W2EW consortium (Wavepiston, Ener.Med, Fiellberg, Vryhof) is to deliver a world-beating wave powered technology solution for electricity production and desalination. It relies on the innovative integration of wave energy and sea water desalination technologies, to produce zero-emission electricity and fresh water, with dynamic optimization of energy production and maximizing the available wave energy using fresh water as storage.

The W2EW solution enables competitive cost of electricity and water. 

The theoretical ocean wave energy potential is estimated to be 29,500 TWh/year , which could contribute to decarbonizing the energy system, expanding the water supply through desalination and creating a new industry with export opportunities worldwide.

Maximising Wave Energy Conversion with the W2EW Solution

The W2EW solution takes advantage of the efficient combination of a wave energy converter (WEC) with a tailored mooring system to convert wave movement into pressurised water for use in electricity production and/or seawater desalination.

The low cost, good energy conversion efficiency, and survivability of the WEC have been tested and validated for scale models in a wave tank and under real sea conditions. The positive outcome of these tests and the business analysis conducted under the project were key factors in the European Commission granting financial support.