Wave powered technology solution for electricity production and desalination.

W2EW solution provides fresh water and green energy to isolated communities, through the exploitation of ocean waves power.

Our Vision


In a world dependent on fossil fuels and struggling against the climate crisis, W2EW is committed to providing electricity and fresh water by harnessing the power of the ocean waves, ensuring a greener future for the planet.


The twin challenges of energy and fresh water shortage give the unique opportunity for a strong cooperation and a new vision. W2EW consortium relies on the integration of wave energy and water desalination technologies, to produce zero-emission electricity and fresh water.


The main goal of this project is to integrate the partners’ technologies, demonstrate the combined solution, and pave the way for new brand clean energy market. After successful test the consortium plans to roll out the W2EW solution on off grid small-scale energy and water production, in islands and isolated coastal communities.


In the next years W2EW intend to extend the customer base of the W2EW solution to the large-scale utilities for production of renewable energy and water desalination, to be both an alternative and complimentary solution to offshore wind and solar PV.

Our mission

W2EW’s system is based on the innovative integration of wave energy and sea water desalination technologies, to produce zero-emission electricity and fresh water, with dynamic optimization of energy production and maximizing the available wave energy using fresh water as storage.

Project Partners

This Project has received funding From the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research & Innovation FTI Instrument Programme Grant Agreement 831041

Meet the Team

Mr. Michael Henriksen

CEO in Wavepiston since 2014: Wavepiston is the wave energy technology behind the W2EW solution.

He has a background from the financial industry, business consultancy, management, and startups within hotel business and consultancy.

Mr. Juha Elonen
Managing Director

Owner / MD in Fiellberg since 2016.

Technology Director in Nurmi Hydraulics Oy from 2012 to 2016.

Managing Director for Planear Oy from 2099 to 2012.

Sales Manager in Megatech Oy in 2008.

Marketing Manager for Nurmi Hydraulics Oy from 2002 to 2007.

Mr. Davide Piccioni
Managing Director

Co-Founder, Managing Director in Ener.Med. Srl since 2007: The company is a Energy Smart Operator in the Italian market.

Regional Director in BNI Sardegna Sud from 2020: BNI’s mission is to link successful professionals.

Assistant Director in BNI Sardegna Sud since 2020.

BNI Karalis Member since 2019.

Cofounder, Innovation Manager in Etechus Srls from 2015: Innovative Start-up. Engineering and consulting in energy and innovative technologies field.

CEO in Enersilica Srl since 2009: Biogenic silica and silicon carbide.

Freelance Engineer since 1999: Designer, Consultant, Project and Costruction Manager: civil construction, energy and innovative business sectors.

Mr. Senol Ozmutlu
Projects Director

Projects Director in Vryhof Anchors since 2013: Vryhof Anchors majority projects are related to oil and gas, renewable energy, civil, and construction sectors. 

Senior Project Engineer in Vryhof Anchors from 2008 to 2012: Design and selection of anchoring and mooring systems for floating offshore structures. 

Application Engineer in Vryhof Anchors from 2002 to 2007.

Assistant Professor in ITC-TUDelft from 2000 to 2002, teaching engineering geology, geostatistics, geophysics, 3D modeling, GIS, visualization, virtual reality modeling, artificial intelligence, knowledge based systems, expert systems